Four Pillars of Unsettling

A Well-rounded Program for life changing Results

Our Unsettlings program has been designed to help you develop the four core areas for freeing yourself and reaching your true potential:

  • Sleep
  • Movement
  • Diet
  • Thinking


Developing these four core areas will help you improve your health and outlook on life.


Our goal is to help you achieve the your purpose and have the lifestyle you deserve.

Blueprint to get more from life

sleeping man

can-move - Man running

can-eat - plate of food

can-think - man thinking

Me-Brian-Unsettled Man


Lifelong learner and at times body hacker.  30+ years in the technology sector managing teams, and finding the useful link between people and information.



I have an MS in Nutrition a BS in Biology and now work as a freelance health and nutrition journalist in the Washington D.C. area. I have worked previously in biotech and genetics.

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14689 Lee Hwy, #113
Gainesville, VA 20156